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"Jeanne is a tremendous Career Coach. She has broad knowledge, an ability to get to the heart of a person's skills, competencies and experiences, and can package them into a top-of-the-line resume that gets results. She provides great insight and encouragement in the job search process. I am pleased to say that working with Jeanne allowed me to find a great next opportunity as VP of HR for a leading Fortune 500 company."
-- J. Hart, VP of Human Resources

"Dear Jeanne… I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you this past summer. You transformed not only my resume but my entire approach to presenting myself to potential employers. My new resume and cover letter elicited a response from nearly every single prospect I sent it to.

Your encouragement and enthusiasm helped propel me through the slow phases of my search. Your wisdom and experience ensured I approached each interview well prepared and with my ‘best foot forward’.

I have recently accepted an exciting new position that takes my career to a whole new level. I am convinced I would never have had this opportunity without your tutelage. Working with you engenders a high degree of confidence in your astute advice, but perhaps most importantly, the strength of support that one would receive from a true friend.

With sincere gratitude…"
-- B. Preston, Senior Director of
Development and Fundraising

"Jeanne... I wanted to follow up with you and let you know that the feedback I have received over the last few months regarding my resume has been terrific. I am still getting 3+ calls/week. After getting over 50 calls/emails during the first week that I posted the resume, I have selectively gone on interviews with 5 different companies and have already been offered 3 jobs. I am pretty confident that the job I really want is about to happen with a company that I just started interviewing with.

You are really good at what you do and I just wanted to say thanks."
-- M. Mullowney, Vice President of
Sales, Financial Services

"Jeanne... Thank you so much for all of your great career coaching. You kept me on track and really helped me figure out how to best put together my skills and interests and package them for a new career. Your advice, input and knowledge truly made an incredible difference. I wouldn't be at the point I am with my "new venture" without you! All my best..."
-- S. Vlahos, Senior Account Executive
who made a complete career change

"Jeanne… With your input, my resume has received numerous accolades. Your experience and objective guidance on my job search has definitely provided me with a competitive advantage in my pursuit of my next employer. Your counsel has been outstanding. Thank you!”

Several months later…

“Jeanne… I wanted to drop you a brief note that I have verbally accepted a COO position with a major nonprofit organization in Boston. I was referred to the Executive Director by a mutual acquaintance. This is truly a learning organization and I'm looking forward to utilizing my strengths. Although I'll have a commute, the salary is nearly 35% higher. I want to thank you again for 'packaging' me (the person who made the referral loved the resume) and I'll keep you posted! "
-- R. Jokela, COO

"Jeanne's enthusiasm and sense of optimism had a marked influence on how I approached the interview process. After suffering through unsuccessful interviews, I asked Jeanne for help. The strategies she taught me for before and after the interviews made me a much better candidate and her coaching on some of the anticipated difficult questions gave me undaunted optimism. I've been on four interviews in two months and have received two job offers! I recommend Jeanne to any of those who are anxious going into a job search. You were a great help and you made me feel great about myself. Thank you."
-- J. McMahon, Director of Public Works

"Jeanne… It really has been an outstanding experience working with you. I can't say enough about how much you've helped - not just with helping me find the perfect job or writing a great resume, but in really understanding my value as a potential employee and all the great things I can offer an employer. You've forced me to remember who I was and what I wanted. My wife would like to thank you as well. She's thrilled that I'm so excited and have been able to regain the confidence that the last few years seemed to have sucked out of me. I literally could not have hoped to have this crazy idea of getting some 'professional help' work out so well.

Again, I can't begin to thank you enough - especially for the times I was down and you just kept pushing me forward. You've got a client for life!"
-- D. Hayden, US Navy Pilot
who transitioned to Senior
Engineering Program Manager

"Working with Jeanne was both enjoyable and rewarding. She has a gift and talent for helping me find answers about myself. Through her coaching, I learned what environments were important to my success.

Jeanne’s constant optimism and positive attitude were contagious; she helped me regain my self-confidence. I’m so impressed with the work she did on my resume. When I first read it, my reaction was “I want to hire this guy!” With Jeanne’s help I was fully prepared for my interview and received an offer shortly thereafter!

I highly recommend Jeanne and have already given her name to several friends."
-- D. Yatsuhashi, Senior Systems Engineer

"Jeanne… I just opened my resume and cover letter - THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL - really and truly beautiful. You have no earthly idea what a wonderful feeling you have given me, a giant ball of anxiety has been lifted. Thank you Jeanne, from the bottom of my heart."

After 3 months of coaching…

"Jeanne… I wanted to say thank you for all your help and advice - last night I got a call offering me the 'job of my dreams.' I am so happy and excited today. The job is working for the Committee for Public Counsel Services as a staff attorney - my clients will be indigent mothers and children - and this is what I was born to do. Thank you for giving me the confidence and courage to even apply and then to make it through two interviews - and that wonderful resume and cover letter that got me the call in the first place. Your Grateful Client…"
-- K. Santelli, Attorney

"I fail to see how I would have landed this job without the assistance of my Career Coach, Jeanne Knight. It was the best investment I’ve made in myself in many a year. During our session, Jeanne sternly, but professionally, pointed out that I was spending too much time knocking my past employers. She provided me with the correct response to the “Why did you leave XYZ Company” questions, and she also turned my tendency to ramble into an asset by having me stay focused on the subject at hand. Prior to meeting with Jeanne, I had gone to a couple of interviewing events, and while they were OK, Jeanne was super. I can honestly say that she had a strong hand in my receiving this job offer and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in the midst of a job search."
-- T. Siciliano, Regional Sales Manager

"Every now and then you just make the right choice. That is how I felt from the moment I began to work with Jeanne. Not only did she put together a professional working resume for me, she spent the time to learn about me. Her constant enthusiasm while working with me helped to keep me energized through this debilitating process. I highly recommend Jeanne to those who want only the best, after all, we only get one chance to make a first impression and I know I have accomplished this with her help."
-- P. Haug, Senior Automation Engineer

"Jeanne... I again have to thank you for the terrific job you did on my resume. It is getting me interviews. This past Monday, an HR person at a company I interviewed with loved it."

3 weeks later...

"Jeanne... well it didn't take me long... scored a new job...ten minutes from the house....what a gas saver! Will be home by 5:30 PM, not 7:30-8:00....got my life back! And I'm making over $6,000 more than my previous salary....and, they are even going to pay my COBRA until their medical/dental benefits kick in! Looking for a new job to better myself will be an ongoing process now, though. Thanks for all your help..."
-- G. Regan, Senior Logistics Specialist

"Jeanne… I thought I had a good resume, but I was finding in today's tight market that I wasn’t getting many responses from companies who had my resume for consideration. You reviewed my resume and identified key areas that needed change -- everything from formatting to language, and especially how I was (or wasn’t!) selling myself. Once you updated my resume, my hit rate increased immediately!!"
-- K. Mankus, Call Center Director

"Jeanne… Working with you was relaxed and easy. Your insights into HR and the interviewing process were extremely helpful in preparing me for interviews. I appreciate you helping me discover desirable personality/work traits which I had not even considered or recognized. And I am very pleased with my resume. Thanks Jeanne."
-- A. Hokanson, Senior Network Administrator

"Jeanne... Thank you again for ALL your help and support during this transitional time in my life. I am finding myself getting more energized to move on from the parish. You have played an important role in this transformation and a true companion on my journey. I am very grateful."
-- B. Desjardins, Senior Pastoral Associate

"Jeanne... Good news! Late yesterday afternoon I accepted a project management position with a leading high tech company in the area. I want to thank you again for all of your helpful sessions coaching and guiding me through this search. It really gave me the foundation and motivation to get the process going."
-- L. Hopkins, Senior Project Manager

"As a client of Jeanne, I have been extremely satisfied with her support, guidance and expertise in helping me with my career goals. She has a wealth of knowledge that she manages to customize for the person she is assisting. She helped me untangle the web of my experience to see the skills I had developed and she guided me to make decisions that supported both my short and long-term needs. With Jeanne’s help, I was able to make more thoughtful and informed decisions and I now have a super start getting back into the workforce. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jeanne as a career coach with the expertise and wisdom to guide anyone through the exploration of making a career or job change."
-- B. Jones, Sales Manager

"Jeanne… Thank you for all your help. I definitely would not have felt that I did the best I could in my interview had I not retained your services. It just gave me a more focused, determined attack, and for this it was well worth the investment!"
-- B. Murphy, Customer Service Manager

"Again, Jeanne, I have really enjoyed working with you. You pushed me hard during the job search process, and in doing so, I had to look deep within myself to bring to light the valuable skill sets and experience that I could offer to any potential employer. Thank you for guiding me through this very worthwhile self-exploration."
-- F. Marcello, Circulation Director


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