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Whether you are contemplating a career change or conducting an aggressive job search campaign, I will work relentlessly to help you achieve your professional dreams. All coaching sessions are held via phone and e-mail and all of my services are available to clients nation-wide. Services include:


Career Coaching

Would you love to explore different career options, but have no idea where to begin? Does the thought of analyzing your strengths and interests and then matching them to potential career options confuse and overwhelm you? Have you taken web-based “career assessments” and read books and articles on career change methods, only to come away more bewildered than when you started?

Working with a career coach who asks positive, thought-provoking questions and helps provide clarity and focus on your personal/professional goals and life dreams can motivate you to take the steps you need to make the life and career changes you desire. Feedback and input from an unbiased source – outside of family, friends, and work associates – can also point you towards career choices you’ve never considered before and help you get excited about the possibilities that lay ahead.

As a professional Career Coach, I will provide you with the tools and guidance to help you clearly and positively identify your skills, values, passions, and lifestyle preferences. During our career coaching sessions, you will gain insight into your true potential and discover what’s really important to you in your work and life. From there, we will brainstorm creative career options you would excel at and enjoy and then design strategies to convert those possibilities into practical and realistic opportunities.

To create focus and momentum in designing the life you desire and the career you’ve always dreamed of, we will hold between 2 and 4 coaching sessions per month, each lasting 60 minutes. Our sessions will be insightful, fun and thought provoking, each providing ample opportunity for reflection and self-discovery. As I am results-oriented, clients agree to take on homework assignments to be completed during the week. Your coaching sessions will be supplemented by e-mail and phone support in between meetings – at no extra charge.

Please call me at 617-968-7747 for fee and scheduling information.

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Job Search Coaching

Is your resume outstanding, but you’re having little success locating openings that match your career goals? Finding a job in today’s challenging market means developing an aggressive, multi-media job search campaign that includes: networking, utilizing the best job search websites, responding to job advertisements, developing strong relationships with recruiters in your industry, and contacting target companies directly.

However, not all job search approaches are appropriate for everybody. Through our job search coaching sessions, I will help you identify the most effective methods for uncovering opportunities that meet your specific career goals. I will work with you to design an aggressive job search strategy that incorporates the right mix of techniques and approaches, along with an understanding of how to use each technique properly to maximize your results. We will develop detailed action plans and strategies to identify hidden job openings and markedly increase the effectiveness of your job search efforts. And as your coach, I will be your source of support and momentum, continuously pushing you forward and helping you refine your strategy to ensure your success.

To bring focus, momentum and maximum success to your job search campaign, we will hold between 2 and 4 coaching sessions per month, each lasting 60 minutes. All sessions take place over the telephone. Your coaching sessions will be supplemented by e-mail support in between meetings – at no extra charge. Clients are also invited to call for brief conversations during the week to ask questions or discuss strategies – I am happy to offer this service as my schedule allows.

Please contact me at 617-968-7747 for fee and scheduling information.

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Interview Coaching

Have you been going on interviews, but not getting job offers? Do you suspect your interviewing skills are preventing you from landing the job of your dreams? Most people believe they are good at interviewing. The truth is, I’ve seen too many candidates who were perfectly qualified for a position miss the opportunity of a lifetime because they weren’t properly prepared. Why take the risk? Wouldn’t you rather walk into an interview fully prepared to professionally sell your talents and expertise and confident in your ability to demonstrate that you are the most qualified candidate to best meet the company’s needs?

During our interview coaching sessions, I will help you exude confidence in an interview and successfully sell your strengths and qualifications. You will learn how to prepare for every type of interview, develop personal success stories so you are prepared to convey how your experience will help that organization achieve its objectives, design the best questions to ask the interviewer, and conclude the interview leaving a positive impression.

I urge my clients to start preparing for interviews long before an interview is scheduled. To maximize your interviewing success, we will hold between 2 and 4 interview coaching sessions per month, each lasting 60 minutes. Our sessions will continue until you feel fully prepared to tackle any interview. All sessions take place over the telephone and will be supplemented by e-mail support in between meetings – at no extra charge. We can also use our sessions to debrief from interviews you’ve gone on and to strategize next steps.

Please contact me at 617-968-7747 for fee and scheduling information.

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On-The-Job Coaching

As a former Human Resources professional, I’ve coached hundreds of employees on issues that concern them while in their current job. Their difficulties range from getting along with their boss, to feeling under challenged and under appreciated, to struggling with the political environment within their company. Often times searching for a new position outside the organization isn’t an option, yet dissatisfaction with their current job prevails.

In these circumstances, it’s often helpful for an employee to turn to an outside, objective coach who can act as sounding board and confidante for issues that can’t be discussed with anyone internally. For those of you who are facing work challenges that may be seriously impacting your job satisfaction and performance, I am available to provide feedback and coaching to help you achieve a more productive, satisfying work life. Some of the many issues that I regularly coach employees on include:

  • Being at their best and most productive at work
  • Ensuring their boss views them in the most positive light
  • Developing strong working relationships with peers, subordinates and customers
  • Understanding and working within highly political situations
  • Transitioning quickly and effectively into a new management role
  • Developing a well-written self-appraisal for an upcoming performance review
  • Successfully and effectively managing negative performance feedback
  • Developing a career plan and keeping it on track
If you are struggling in your current job and are in need of some coaching and guidance, don’t hesitate to contact me. We will hold between 2 and 4 coaching sessions per month, each lasting 60 minutes, until your issues are resolved and you’re on your way to success. All sessions take place over the telephone and will be supplemented by e-mail support in between meetings – at no extra charge. Clients are also invited to call for brief conversations during the week should a critical issue arise – I am happy to offer this service as my schedule allows.

Please call me at 617-968-7747 for fee and scheduling information.


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Resume Development

Are you happy with your resume? Is it generating the interviews you deserve? In today’s challenging marketplace, distinguishing yourself from your competition by presenting a powerful, well designed resume that highlights your skills, qualifications, expertise, and achievements and clearly articulates the value you will bring to a potential employer is essential to getting job interviews. And of course, job interviews are what get you job offers!

As a professional resume writer, I will carefully craft your resume so that it reflects your unique skills and achievements and differentiates you from your competition. Your resume will present your background, credentials and accomplishments attractively, concisely and professionally, while clearly positioning you as the individual who can best help an organization achieve its goals.

If your resume is not producing interviews, it may be time to invest in your career and your future by having a professional resume writer develop a resume that truly reflects your outstanding skills and achievements and positions you as the best solution to an organization’s challenges. Why delay the success of your job search any longer?


Before writing your resume, we will schedule a mutually convenient telephone consultation so I can learn more about your skills, background, expertise, and achievements, as well as your ideal “next position”. Within 5-7 business days, I will e-mail or fax you a draft for your feedback and approval.

All resume packages include:

  • Telephone consultation lasting 60-90 minutes
  • A carefully crafted resume that reflects your unique skills and accomplishments
  • 5 copies on high-quality resume paper with extra (matching) paper for cover and thank you letters
  • A text (ASCII) version for insertion into e-mails and onto company and job search websites
  • An electronic copy on disk or CD for safe storage and future edits

Resume pricing is based upon your years of experience, the complexity of your background, the time anticipated to create your resume, and whether you are changing careers or staying in your same field. Before starting on your resume project, I will quote you a final price. Payment is required in full by cash, check or credit card (Visa, Mastercard) at the time services are retained and before any work can begin.

The prices below are starting prices and incorporate all professions in all industries:

Starting at $
College Grad/Entry-Level Professional (<3 years’ experience)
Starting at $
Professional/Supervisor (3+ years experience)
Starting at $
Manager/Director/Project Manager
Starting at $
Executive… VP, General Manager and “C” Level Jobs
Starting at $
Starting at $

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Resume Critique

Do you currently have a resume, but would love to have a professional review it and offer feedback? Or are you interested in preparing your resume yourself, but would like some coaching and guidance to help you get started? If so, I would be happy to help. Just contact me at (617) 968-7747 and we will arrange a convenient time for a feedback or coaching session. Because I will not be doing any writing, the focus during our sessions will be to provide you with ideas, suggestions, feedback, and inspiration so that you’ll be able to develop a resume that is powerfully written and clearly demonstrates your value to a potential employer.

Pricing for Resume Review and Feedback only begins at $

Pricing for Resume Coaching and Guidance begins at $

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Cover Letters

A well-written cover letter can have a tremendous impact on the quality and success of your job search campaign and should be equally as compelling and powerful as your resume. To be truly effective, your cover letter must quickly capture the reader’s attention and succinctly convey your skills, experiences, qualifications, and achievements as they relate to the specific needs and challenges of the company.

To position you as a key player who can help a company meet its objectives, I will create an action-oriented cover letter that arouses interest and drives home your areas of expertise and experience. Depending on your situation and specific job search strategy, you may require different types of cover letters, such as networking letters, direct contact letters, broadcast letters, and letters of introduction to headhunters or networking contacts. I can help you identify and develop just the right letters that will market your credentials and position you as the best solution to a company’s challenges.

Pricing for Cover Letter development begins at $

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Thank You Letters

Thank you letters are a vital part of the interview process and should always be sent following an interview. A well-written thank you letter can advance your candidacy by allowing you to reinforce your interest in the job, address any concerns the interviewer may have had about your candidacy, and highlight the skills, qualifications and achievements you bring to the company that are directly related to their current and long-term needs.

I will custom-design thank you letters that specifically stress two or three of your strongest qualities and emphasize how a company will clearly benefit if YOU are hired to join its team.

Pricing for Thank You Letter development begins at $

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Reference Documents

A reference page should provide detailed contact information of those individuals who will attest to your qualifications and expertise. It should be easy to read and understand, with a summary of how these individuals know of your work and experience. A well-written reference document can be an especially effective marketing tool when it includes quotes from prior managers, peers and other individuals whom you have worked closely with throughout your career.

Pricing for Reference Document creation begins at $

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Portfolios & Profiles

A well-designed portfolio can be an extremely valuable marketing device to use in your job search campaign. A portfolio can showcase an extensive background and may include such items as awards, publications, patents, technical qualifications, projects, professional development, research, industry-specific course work, letters of recommendations, and other credentials too numerous to include on a resume.

Pricing for Portfolio development varies depending on content.

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