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Why Use A Career Coach?

Not sure if you really need a coach? Take the following “test” (don’t worry… the results will only be private to you!) and decide for yourself if a coach can help accelerate your progress towards fulfilling your professional dreams.

Directions: Click on the check box  if the statement applies to you. When finished, the total number of checkmarks will be at the end of the quiz.  Score yourself.

Professional Strengths:

  I know what my top 5 professional strengths are

I can give at least 2 examples that tangibly show employers a return-on-investment of my professional strengths

On a daily basis, I use my favorite strengths in my career

Industry Focus:

I am aware of all my options regarding the industry(ies) in which I can apply my current strengths.

I can name the industry(ies) I want to target


Values in Synch:

I can name the top 5 values that drive and motivate me

I can articulate why my values are important to me

I can describe specific evidence of how I regularly live out each of my values


Transition Strategy:

I can name 2-3 options that would be a viable career move for me at this time

I understand the trend toward the “unbundling” of jobs in America and how to
position myself accordingly

I have a “Plan B” in place should my current opportunity disappear overnight


Change Management:

I can point to several situations over the past 2 years that verify my ability to
change and adapt

I can describe the strategies I use when facing any confusion, indecision, or fears
associated with change


Job-Search Strategy:

I can name the most effecitve job-search methods for uncovering hidden
opportunities and getting past gatekeepers

I use a written “game plan” for my search

My “elevator pitch” and “sound bites” describe what value or ROI (return on
investment) I bring to an organization

My resume and supporting documents would score a 9 or 10 on a 10-point
scale for their focused message, accomplishments, appropriate keywords, and
visual appeal

I understand how to convert an employment interview from an interrogation to a

I know what questions to ask in an interview that will uncover the hidden job

I know the five rules of salary negotiations


Career Advancement:

I have a 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year (or longer-range) career management plan in

I review my career management plan at least once every six months and gauge my

I am actively involved in professional associations and industry organizations

I have a broad, loyal and influential network of industry and professional contacts
numbering at least 50

I can describe 2-3 new skills I have acquired or challenging projects I have
completed in the past year.

Total boxes checked:



1-5 Quick, run for an emergency session with your nearest career coach!

6-10 Lots to work on. A coach can jump start the process.

11-15 You’ve got a good start. A coach can fast forward the progress.

16-20 You’re well on your way. Have you already been working with a coach?

21-25 Congratulations! You are a career conqueror! And savvy career conquerors
know that a coach is an integral part of their ongoing career management.

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