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Do You…

  • Feel frustrated and stuck in your job search?

  • Wonder if your resume truly reflects your outstanding skills and achievements?

  • Suspect your interviewing skills are preventing you from landing the job of your dreams?

  • Long for a career change, but get overwhelmed before you even get started?

If you’re like most people involved in a job or career transition, you know it can be a challenging, time consuming and lonely process. Successfully landing the job of your dreams or discovering a new and fulfilling career takes dedicated effort and a clear, focused strategy.

So why do it alone?

As a certified Job and Career Transition Coach (JCTC) and Career Management Coach (CCMC), with a background that spans over 20 years in Human Resources, I have interviewed, hired and coached hundreds of employees, from mid-level professionals to executives, in companies ranging from small start-ups to large multi-national corporations. I have reviewed and crafted numerous resumes, successfully coached individuals on their job search strategy and interviewing skills, and helped countless others design a fulfilling and rewarding new career.

And I can help you! As your Career and Job Search Coach, I will provide you with the guidance, tools and support to help you achieve your professional dreams. And because my experience covers a diverse range of industries – from high technology to manufacturing and from education to healthcare – I am able to successfully coach clients in all occupations and at every level of an organization.

Whether you are searching for a new position or ready to make a career change, I can help you:

  • Create a winning resume that dynamically markets your skills and achievements and motivates employers to call you.

  • Develop an aggressive job search strategy that uncovers hidden job opportunities and gets you in front of hiring managers.

  • Exude confidence in an interview and successfully sell your strengths, expertise and qualifications.

  • Design a career that truly reflects your skills, values, passions and lifestyle preferences.

Want a Powerful Interviewing Resource You Can Use at Home?

Then my new DVD,  “10 Steps To Interviewing With Confidence” – Your Guide to Acing the Job Interview – is just for you! This 60-minute DVD, with it’s comprehensive (over 65 pages) companion Study Guide walks you through the steps of preparing for interviews so you outshine your competition and get the job YOU deserve.

“…If you choose only one tool to help you improve your interviewing techniques, choose Jeanne Knight's 10 Steps to Interviewing with Confidence. It’s the best tool I’ve seen yet.” -- P. Flanagan, Sr. Human Resources Manager

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